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Friday, July 31, 2009

Last week I made a long list of ideas to use in our workboxes. A lot of these activities are based on my boys likes and interests. These would be activities outside of our normal curriculum. This is what I came up with....

*Small bag of Legos with instructions to build something (build a food, a vehicle, a building, etc.)

*TOS Crew materials (that we will need to review this year)

*We will use the above book that we picked up while in Canada. Some of the activities will be...

-Build provincial flags out of legos

-Color the provincial flags

-Read the history of the province. Narrate it to mom.

-Write down how each province got its name.

-Label provincial maps.

*Draw historical scenes.

*Color scenes from the Story of the World activity book.

*Kid cryptograms

*Calculator games

*Learn the Babylonian number system

*Study Times Tales

*Put envelopes of skip count numbers in order (Right Start game box)

*Study "Yo, Millard Fillmore!" book to learn the presidents

*Read a Greek myth and then tell it back to mom

*Whittle something

*Magic number squares

*Cook a recipe

*Create a chess board out of legos

*Study chess strategies

*Make 3D snowflakes

*Label a picture with Spanish words

*Pick a Bible story and draw its events

*Animal Classification (here and here)

*Listen to Skip Count Kid CD

*Make a list of extinct animals

*Do Word Roots computer game

*Find a country for every letter of the alphabet

*Look at a map of the US. Categorize the state according to what letter they start with.

*Alphabetize the states.

*Put the books of the Bible in order from a list of the books which are out of order.

*A-Z exotic animals

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