Mystery Meal Menu

Thursday, April 23, 2009

See my previous post below about our mystery/detective unit that we will be doing. Here is the menu that I will do for the boys for our meal. Not the most nutritious meal and not stuff we would normally eat, but this is for fun! Some of the names the kids probably won't get (like "bovine"), but it will be an opportunity to increase their vocabulary and knowledge.

napkin-crumb catcher
spoon-The Big Dipper
fork-that thing in the road or I might call it "Neptune's Trident
knife-the pride of Switzerland (like a Swiss Army knife, get it?)
Coke-bubbly brownie
Caesar salad-Roman mix-up
croutons-little blocks
dressing-pants and shirt
cucumber slices-lily pads
cheese Bagel Bites-dairy donuts
pepperoni Bagel Bites-dotted donuts
icecream sandwich-arctic bovine burger

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