Atelier Art

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some of the gals on Homeschool Share were asking about Atelier art. I decided to post a few pictures to show what we have done this year. We only do Atelier art once a week with another family. This is really the way to go since the program is a bit on the expensive side so you can share the cost. Besides, for us, it is a great way to build relationships between the kids and the moms. We use it as a social outlet. We always tell the kids they get a bit of playtime afterwards. Atelier is great because it teaches theory (color theory, perspective, overlapping, etc.), different media, and artist/picture study. We did one level (level 3) this year all three modules, and we are currently starting level 4. But I really think that one level a year is a good pace. We love Atelier because it is clear in its instructions, has supply lists for each lesson, and it is a DVD program in which the creator of Atelier teaches the lessons and then show a classroom of kids doing the art project for that lesson. Showing off other kids work is a great way to get ideas and to show kids that we are all on different levels when it comes to art ability. This year with Atelier has been great enrichment for my boys...they have learned so much...color theory, perspective, depth, mood, etc. in paintings, and about artists such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, and several lesser known artists (there are 8x10 prints of the artists' works with discussion questions for each print).
Above, is a work done in clay depicting our family.A koala done in chalks.This was a lesson in overlapping, basic shapes, and bright colors.Paper tearing...a farm scene.My son had to mix all the colors in order to paint this scene of a scarecrow in a field. In the process, he learned about primary, secondary, tertiary colors...warm and cool colors, complementary colors.


Edwena said...

Thanks, Debbie, for sharing the info. Your children did a great job on their art projects.

Michellel said...


Thanks for sharing and reviewing it. I want it sooo bad...I can't wait to get it!