April School Plans

Monday, March 30, 2009

For April Noah will be doing two units from Five in a Row Volume 4, Angelo and The Hatmaker's Sign. We will study Rome, personification, Roman numerals, and inventions with the book Angelo. With The Hatmaker's Sign, we will cover the Declaration of Independence, colonization, sailing, clouds, and some simple concept in economics.

With Zach, we are finishing our history curriculum for the year! We have one more week to go and then we will be done with modern history! This will complete the cycle that we began four years ago. We have gone through ancient history, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, early American History, and then modern history. Next year we will start up again and do Ancient history, but with a different curriculum than we used the first time for Ancients. So since we are going to be done soon with history, I thought we would take some time to do a unit study. We are going to do Helen Keller (the unit from Beyond Five in a Row Volume 2). Here are a couple of resources we will use...

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