Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had another homeschooling mom ask me about the history curriculum that we use. I decided to review it here so that others can know about this little talked about program.

We have used Biblioplan now for two years and really have increased our knowledge of history and enjoyed great stories along the way.We are currently using the 4th year of the program: America and the World:1850-2000. The program is divided into four years: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, America and the World 1600-1850, and America and the World 1850-2000. Biblioplan can be used for K-12 (although there is a supplement that is needed for the high school level).

Each year is divided into 36 weeks containing these components:

Classtime Spines The books used to get the facts about historical events. These include (over the years): Story of the World, A History of US, Kingfisher History or Usborne History.

Readers These are separated by grade levels: K-2, 3+, and 5+. I have found this to be heavy duty reading for my oldest (he reads well, but sometimes isn't really into reading). So sometimes I will give him a lower level book so he gets more enjoyment out of it.
Family Read Alouds These are wonderful historical fiction selections that tie in with the history you are studying. We have loved almost all of these. We normally do this as a before bedtime event.

Various Suggestions for timelines, maps, and writing activities are included each week.

Biblioplan does not have hands-on activities included in the program, but we have always gotten the Story of the World Activity book to go along with what we are doing and we occasionally add activities from it. We also do the map activities from Story of the World and a timeline (using the Sonlight Book of Time and Homeschool in the Woods timeline figures). But a lapbook (like from Hands of a Child) could be easily added to give it a more hands-on feel.

Check out their website here.

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Jackie in TN said...

Hi Debbie, I just discovered your post on BiblioPlan and really liked how you explained it! You may know this already, but have you seen the updates to the curricula? They are pretty wonderful!