Strange Christmas Custom

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We have done a "Christmas village" for many years. Our collection comes from Department 56 and is the "Christmas in the City" collection. Here are a couple of pictures of the city this year.Now comes the strange part. Last year, we were introduced to "Mr. Bean"...a character done by the British actor, Rowan Atkinson. Well, Zach decided to make a Mr. Bean from a Lego mini figure. Then one night, Tim thought it would be cute to hide Mr. Bean in the Christmas city. It has now become a tradition. Every night, Tim hides Mr. Bean in the city and the boys get up in the morning looking for him. Since we put the city up during Thanksgiving weekend, Tim has to be very creative in finding hiding places! This means he is finding a hiding place for Mr. Bean every night from Thanksgiving to Christmas! Mr. Bean has been under cars, the park bench, in with the other "people" of the city, on the balconies of the name it....he's been there!
Here is Mr. Bean.....Here is Mr. Bean on the balcony of a Chinese restaurant.Here he is coming up from the subway...we had to take his head off for this to work! So what strange Christmas customs does your family have? Can you top Mr. Bean????


Molly said...

Cute tradition. I know my boys would be all over that one! :o)

Keesler Chaos said...

Very fun! We have lots of strange traditions! My favorite is corndogs for Thanksgiving, and a whopping April fools day celebration.

Anonymous said...

That isn't strange! It's FUN! :D It's kind of like the elf on the shelf without the weird elf! LOL

:) Ami

Anonymous said...

LOVED THIS! (((((HUGS))))) sandi