The Architect turns Artist

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zach is our architect. He loves to build with Legos and Bionicles or everyday objects from around the house. One day, some friends of ours gave him a damaged Crash Bandicoot plush toy that their dog had mutilated. Their son had added some Bionicles pieces to it to make a new arm. Zach continued by adding a leg and an ear and since the stuffing was out of the remaining arm and leg, he inserted Bioncle pieces into them. Zach also put ear buds into Crash's head so that he could hook him up to his I-pod so that it could sound like there was music coming from Crash's mouth!

Zach is not gung-ho about art like his brother, but if you give him the right subject he will put a lot of time into his art. At art class yesterday (we are doing art with another homeschool family), Zach did a drawing in chalk pastels of his Crash Bandicoot. We were really impressed with his creation!

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carriejoy said...

Cool Beans Debbie! It is a joy to see what they come up with isn't it! My little guy is very creative too and imaginative. I hope he doesn't lose it!