A God Not Afraid of the Dark

Thursday, December 4, 2014

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I am no stranger to the dark. I live there. Every December the lights go out. Living in Alaska you get used to "dark-living" as the shortest day of the year approaches. The light becomes scarce. One learns to survive by searching for light. Some use happy lights to ward off the darkness in the soul that grows in the winter months. Others make sure that they go outside during midday to catch the little light we do have. Others hold out and hope for the light that will never "end" when June hits. 

I am no stranger to the dark. I have lived there. Emotional break-ups. Heartache. Rejection. A soul tortured by angry, hateful words .An anxiety disorder. Depression. I have found that the only way to survive the darkness of the soul is to go searching for the Light.

Even our darkest moments are not dark to God. He knows what they hold. He knows the pain they cause. Our God is not afraid of the dark. It is in the dark that He does His best work. He is after all the Master of using dark tombs filled with death to bring about light and salvation. The darkness is the nothing to the Light of the World. He knows rejection can bring about redemption. Heartache can bring deep healing. Pain gives way to purpose. There is no darkness that we can experience where He can't bring light.

This past year I have learned that even in our darkest moments He is at work. When life is falling apart He is already there picking up pieces. Putting me back together. Where jealousy and criticism destroyed He brought kind words to pick me up and carry me a little further. Unexpected blessings He left along the way. The voids? Only became buckets for Him to fill. The darkness I experienced? It only made Him shine brighter.

Are you in a dark place? Hang on to the One who is never afraid of the dark...

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